Upon conveyance of the home to the Buyer, HSBC Bank and Bank of America have agreed in principle to refinance up to 70% of the value of the home for a period of 7 years @ a rate of interest ( currently) of 4.7% p,a. , subject to certain terms and conditions.

Nature’s Spring – New Windsor, NY : Project Commercials.

• Prices of homes vary from US $ 675,000 to US $ 1,100,000, based on size of home and size of plot.
• Available Plot size vary from 1.4 Acres to 4.46 Acres.
• Built-up Area of homes ranges from 3485 sq. ft. to 4400 sq. ft.
• Schedule of payment :
1) Token upon Booking : US $ 100,000
2) Upon signing of combined Plot Conveyance Deed cum Home Sale Agreement :
• Full Cost of land to be paid & Conveyance Deed Executed.
• Full Cost of Infrastructure & Land development charges towards grading and levelling, roads and drive ways, electricity and gas line, entrance and landscaping, snow and storm water drainage, plot fencing, wet land development etc, to be paid.
• The initial Token amount will be treated as first instalment towards the home.
3) Balance shall be payable in 2 to 3 equal instalments over a 10 to 12 months’ period.


Station Road Plot Prices                  Plots Available

STATEMENT “B”                  Phase – I

X = Sold                  ✔= To be Discussed                   # = For Blue Rose only

* Please choose your Bungalow from statement “A” i.e. Orchid OR Marigold OR Iris. Then please choose the plot you want from the statement “B”. Add the price of the Bungalow chosen and the plot chosen to give you the total cost of your home at Nature’s Spring e.g. Bungalow Chosen Orchid = US $ 590,000. Plot Chosen No. 5 = US $ 267,000/- Total Cost US $ 857,000/-.

Subject : Financing Details of Villas at Nature’s Spring, NY, USA

Price of Villa USD 800,000 INR 5,52,00,000 1 USD = INR 69
Down Payment on Booking USD 100,000 INR 69,00,000
Payment Upon Execution of Contract 60 days USD 150,000 INR 103,50000
Loan Amount USD 550000 INR 379,50000
EMI @ 4.5% P.A. $641 per $100,000 payable after 12 months of Down USD 3525.50 per month INR 243,260 per month
Payment : Tenure 15 years. USD 42306 per annum INR 29,19,114 per annum
Interest only payable during first 12 months USD 11344 INR 782735
Total Outflow in first year 250000+11344+5156=USD 266500 INR 183,88,500

The interest rate EMI is fixed for the entire tenure of 15 years. Prepayment of loan is possible after 12 monthsat Nil Charges.

The FD equivalent to $100,000 has to be maintained with HSBC or Bank of America or Citibank and deposited with JEFF Bank as collateral in lieu of Personal Guarantee.